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If you're enjoying the blog, how about a shout-out? :)

Mini-award time!

To JW for figuring out the last recipe posted as being Sloppy Joes....

Yes, it's totally a little sloppy drawing of sloppy joe on a pedestal! Enjoy! :D


ladytruth said...

Adorable :) I wouldn't mind having a sloppy right now

Jenno said...

The recipe is three posts back, in case you didn't find it and would like to utilize it! :) Hope you get some soon! :D

JW said...

Mmmmmm. Sloppy Joe. Slop, sloppy Joe, yeah. I will cherish the trophy. Thank you.

Jenno said...

Hoagies n' grinders next time, JW. :)

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

OK after seeing the pic I was hungry. After seeing your last comment, I'm starving. mmmmmmm grinders. :P

Jenno said...

@Mike -- I must've drawn it rather well then. :) Glad I could impose such a pleasant feeling, the lust for food! Mwahahaha!

Obey your hunger, Mike. You know you want to try them (and then tell me how they were!). :D

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