Marco (aka "Sess") blogs too: Random Thoughts and Musings.

If you're enjoying the blog, how about a shout-out? :)

Lorenzo has a friend!

This is Roy. He wanted to come keep Lorenzo company for a while. :)

(I have a very strange habit of naming *everything.* Marco does the same except it's simply "her" or "him." I give things actual names and stories.)

By the way, Lorenzo said thanks for talking to him while I'm away. He enjoys every odd little word you whisper to him. (He said it, not me.)


JW said...

It is very nice to meet you, Roy.

Tom Goette said...

Welcome Roy! Another cycloptic companion, how cool is that! You look very familiar, like you might be related to my ex-wife's family. Must be the eye. Anyway, have fun on Jenno's blog, I always do!



Jenno said...

@JW -- Roy said something about having a few buckets of slime you can have if you ever need them. I think he likes you.

@Tom -- Roy said that he would be having just slightly more fun if he had another eye. "Another eye means depth perception means not hitting self with tentacles! Zappo!"

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Roy, you look like i felt this morning when I got up. :) I mean that with love Roy.

JW said...

Slime! Thank you, Roy. I like you , too. Maybe you can come visit some time.

Depth perception isn't all it's cracked up to be. The one eye look is very flattering anyway.

Jenno said...

@Mike -- Roy says, "Tired and sore but gotta go get 'em. Such is life, whether you have ten limbs or four. Zappo!"

@JW -- "The chicks dig the one eye look."

Chester said...

Looking at Roy, his eye is similar to mine, especially first thing in the morning!!

Lorenzo meanwhile, vaguely looks like myself when I'm staggering home from the pub at the weekend!!

Hello both!!

Jenno said...

@Chester -- Roy recommends Preparation H for undereye treatments. Who knew??

Lorenzo said that that's how his limbs got that long -- adapted from crawling.

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