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I'm feeling uninspired and untalented today.

I can't draw anything to save my life.

I seriously wish some of that artistic talent that my sister got from my dad would've rubbed off on me today. I could probably sing really good today, on the other hand. That's usually how it goes: if one talent is seriously lacking, the other improves greatly. Generally speaking, that only happens when  my visual art suffers. Figures.

I wish that I could think of some better things to try and draw than people or oven mitts or Halloween pumpkins. There's several things in my mind, but I can't draw them. It's very very frustrating to have a clear picture in mind that you can't put to paper. I hate it.

It's the closest to torture as I'll likely get any time soon. Thankfully, it's not painful.

Just really really annoying.


Emeraldstone said...

I hate it when that happens. I gets so frustrating Well, its clear that your a good writer :)

Jenno said...

@Emeraldstone -- Yes, at least I still have the written word; it is my forte (as compared to visual art) anyway :) Thanks! :D

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