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If solo drinking makes one an alcoholic, I'm well on my way.

Pretty much the only way I ever drink any more is by myself... more because all my friends here have kids and don't go anywhere than the fact that I don't go much of anywhere.

So tonight I'm sitting here drinking whiskey and Rolling Rock. Woo. Go me. It's not like there's really much of anything else to be doing today. It's been piss-pouring all day long, it's getting cold outside finally....

Which reminds me, I meant to mention something about the concept of hot and cold the other day here. Is it just me, or does living in one climate for an extended period of time make you more... "attuned" to that climate? For example, it may be all of 52 degrees here today, but I am freezing my tooshie off! When I was living in Michigan, however, 52 was T-shirt weather. Hell, I'd still wear my flip-flops for half the winter there. Here in Indiana, though, 52 feels really freaking cold. I've got a sweater, t-shirt, yoga pants, and jeans on... and fleece booties (complete with the little gripper doodads on the bottom (side note: doodads is an actual word, according to FireFox spellchecker.)).

Keep in mind that I still truly believe that socks are evil.

I will not deny that they are dead useful. That is a fact. I still believe them to be evil.

I don't know... today has just been a weird day. I don't know how to feel about it. I'm so used to feeling one way or another about... well, everything. Today is the day I make my best straight, stoic face and say, "it's just another day."

I hope tomorrow actually has something interesting and exciting in store for me... although I know the chances of that are quite slim. It's about time I go out and figure out my own future.

If only I could stop being scared long enough to come to terms with the world around me.


Fibro Viv said...

I agree we get used to the climate we live in. I grew up in Amarillo, Texas, lived in Phoenix, AZ and now in Austin, Texas. My blood has thinned out and I cannot stand the cold.

Why are you feeling so afraid to get out? We all have a purpose in life and have special qualities we should share. Plus people are interesting and some can make you smile and laugh. Seek out those type of people.

God Bless

Jenno said...

Yeah, there is quite a surprising change in temperature and climate between Phoenix and Austin, at least from what I know of the two places. I've been to El Paso if that counts? Nope, that's different still -- somewhere in between the two, in a very odd way.

I just don't like people generally speaking... I tend to just keep to myself. I've been kicked around too much (laughed at, made fun of and whatnot, even as an adult) for just being myself. I've got a sense of humor, but not when everything about me is what's being ragged on. But I appreciate the sentiment. :)

The pale observer said...

Thanks for the idea of solo drinking. I'm gonna have some flavoured vodka on ice.. and write. :)

Being from Canada (cold) but living in Ghana, West Africa (HOT), I can attest to the fact that we adjust to the climate we're in...

When the weather goes down to 24 celcius I am FREEZING in Ghana, whereas growing up in Canada, if it got to 18 celcius, we were all in t-shirts...

Great blog by the way!


Jenno said...

@Holli -- Sounds like a plan, girl. We have a rule in my house -- if it feels good, do it. The sub-rule is moderation. LOL I try my best to not go overboard. Too much, anyway.

Although I gotta hand it to myself, if that's still not a crime... I can definitely hold my liquor. I can't tell you how many crazy things have happened when I was blasted and had to help a friend out of a sticky situation... or had to walk long distances in inclement weather!

And the climate change from Michigan to Indiana is messing with me, however slight it may be! I kind of figured though, humans being as adaptable as we are and all, that it would be pretty much across the board a similar experience. :)

Be well; hope to see more of you around these parts!

The pale observer said...

Thanks Jenno - I got roped into joining the global Blog Action Day today and did my part by writing about climate change.. now I need a drink - hope the alcohol has a low carbon footprint...

'See' you soon :)

Jenno said...

@Holli -- I would imagine it wouldn't do too much damage to our lovely brown, green, and blue... as long as you make sure to barf in a PAPER or recycled bag in case of going overboard. Hehehe :) Cheers!

PS - Blog Action Day -- Doing BAD never sounded so good!

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