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Requisites for Acceptance

...of an award!

I don't know how it happened, but even though I've been blogging for just over three weeks now, the awards to my blog have already started piling in.

I've received another that not only requires me to accept it, but also to thank JW over at Your Topic Here, so big thanks to JW. The best award for me is still getting feedback on what I have to say and just being read, but this is cool too. :)

Also required of me in accordance to the rules of accepting the Kreativ Blogger award is that I share seven facts about myself that people may not have known about me.
  1. I smoke nearly a pack of cigarettes a day, sometimes more. My preferred brand is Marlboro Menthol, any sub-style except ultra lights (just like with beer, it's a waste).
  2. I was engaged once before I was ever with Marco -- I knew it was over when I was trying to justify settling into a loveless marriage with him. After the fact, I realized that I never loved him, he was just my "yes" man (there is totally such a thing as being TOO nice, guys).
  3. I refuse to eat olives under any circumstances... except not knowing they're there.
  4. I almost overdosed on Robitussin when I was 20 (I think? Not sure). They thought I was trying to kill myself, and for once I actually wasn't.
  5. To quote Jeff Foxworthy, "my mama was great, my daddy was great, I'm just a sh*thead." (To explain my teenage years)
  6. I have a tendency to suffer from addictions: gambling, alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, theft, shopping... these have all posed problems for me in the past. It's another side-symptom of the Borderline Personality.
  7. I only wear covered-toe shoes when the chance of getting snow on my feet is highly likely, although I will still wear them now and then when there is snow on the ground, like if it's packed down and hasn't snowed in a couple days. That's a side-effect of hating socks.
 And now, to fulfill the final requirement of the acceptance of this award, I need to pass it on.

To The Musings of Ug -- musings on life's issues through the eyes of a beloved teddy bear. I have come to love this blog and the way its writer carefully crafts every message about getting by as you get older.

To Reality Checks and Balances -- Just as the description says, A daily dosage of questioning the rules as we know them, a look at cliches and some lists.

And thirdly, but not lastly (I just like threes, nice round amount in my book)...

To Mike over at Stories of an Innocent Owner of Mad Cats -- Hilarity and reading this blog go hand in hand -- his kittehs are always up to some shenanigans!

Again, thanks to JW for passing this award on to me.

The second award I've received for this posting is the One Lovely Blog award from Lady Truth over at Happily AFTER Ever. It doesn't say anything about passing it on, but I will anyways since it was so generously passed onto me. :)

For wit and wisdom, Charlene's The Balance Beam gets this award. Always an insightful tidbit to be found there.

For handling life's ups and downs gracefully, this one goes to Lily over at Unconditional Honesty.

Lucia over at The True Babblings of a Military Wife... gets this award for her brutal honesty and insights into her life. 

I'm glad to have made so many fast friends here in the blogging world, and I'm ever so happy that my blog is not only enjoyed but also a shared experience. Thanks for coming along for the ride, y'all.


JW said...

A fine acceptance speech. You are very welcome for the pass.

Jenno said...

@JW -- I was going to say something about it not quite passing for a speech... but it is written in a language and says a direct message, rambles, and goes back to the point. I guess that makes it a speech. :)

Fibro Viv said...

Enjoy the awards and I hope your little voice of joy comes out to join you soon.

Try to spend some time alone to help open up your mind and clear it.

Thinking of you,

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Wow, Jenno. Thank you very much. This is pretty cool. Its gonna take me a few days to get to putting it up on my site but I can't wait to show it off...except the part where you make me share seven facts about myself. DOH!

Ug said...

Thanks so much Jenno! Can't wait to write my acceptance speech ... :)

Jenno said...

@Ug -- My pleasure! Your blog is both Kreative and insightful, and it is nothing short of an honor to be in your company. :D

Lucia Phillips said...

Thank you so much and for sending me the link. You are a very talented blogger. I enjoy the fact that you read my blog and have insightful comments

Jenno said...

@Lucia -- You're quite welcome, on all fronts. Enjoy! :)

iDork said...

So I know this is a little late but I haven't had the time to check. But...
Wow! Thank you so much! This means quite a lot to me :)
You are so great! I'm very happy that you read my blog!
I always thought my posts went by unnoticed. haha! Thank you sooo much!

Charlene said...

Clearly I can't read since I accepted the wrong award. OOPS!!!

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