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Cardinal sub-rule

Don't get greedy.

Work It

Well, now that the jackpot for Three-Eyed Bingo has finally bust -- and not on me -- I can blog without feeling as though I'm going to miss something. Never mind that I totally took a nap and someone won literally minutes after that. Oh well.

So I went to see my friend and adviser the other day to get some advice about those pesky job applications that I am now starting to fill out again. See, one of my biggest problems while filling out an application is what to write in the space marked "reason for leaving." I absolutely hate to lie or even mislead, especially when it says that doing so on an application will likely lead to termination... but I can't tell them the actual truth about how I've ended up leaving my past jobs; to do so would be like saying, "Hey, I just wasted your time and mine by filling out this application, but just laugh hysterically as you chuck it out and you'll feel better about it."

So what do you say when the situation is just as bad as it sounds?

Don't Jump

I was woken up at midnight with a text in reply to my "Don't hate yourself or me. Just know that I hope to see you on October 12, 2010"....

I never thought the lyrics for Third Eye Blind's "Jumper" would be my background music and fit.


I saw this today as I was dropping Steph and the girls off at her house. Just a few houses away, there is fail in full force. It made my day (keyword henceforth: IMMD). :)

On a serious note, I have decided to, for the time being, cut ties with the person that inspired "I'm Going Home." Because there are not going to be any names mentioned, I feel that I can tell you the story and not feel as though I've sold anyone out. Be warned: this tale contains drug references, homosexual references, and a peeved Jenno.

I'm Going Home

I was just a party to some kind of messed up experience.... Not really messed up, nothing super-major. But messed up nonetheless.

So, of course, me being as pissed off and determined to not watch another freaking train wreck... and being drunk along with the inspiration of this song (no, not Marco. He doesn't even drink.)...

I really just need to talk about it to get some perspective on what in the world I'm supposed to do. The thing about that is that it's really some really deep crap if you're not used to the rough and rumble way of getting on. So, not being able to talk about it....

Naturally, I wrote a song about it.

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