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I'm Going Home

I was just a party to some kind of messed up experience.... Not really messed up, nothing super-major. But messed up nonetheless.

So, of course, me being as pissed off and determined to not watch another freaking train wreck... and being drunk along with the inspiration of this song (no, not Marco. He doesn't even drink.)...

I really just need to talk about it to get some perspective on what in the world I'm supposed to do. The thing about that is that it's really some really deep crap if you're not used to the rough and rumble way of getting on. So, not being able to talk about it....

Naturally, I wrote a song about it.

Haha... gettin' back to my roots. Here it is. I'm going to eventually try to throw a beat down on it, but only if it's receives a decent "response." Let's face it -- there's a point where "personal satisfaction" isn't quite worth the effort. I mean, yeah, I like it, but I'm not like, totally gung ho about it.

Anyway.... here. It is what it is. "Love it or leave it"... goes with the theme, too.

I'm Going Home

Don't go thinking for a second
 that I never cared
If I really didn't,
 I wouldn't have been there
To tell you when the world
 was about to collapse again
That there were people who
 would honestly be a friend

Maybe you're not used to this,
 I know I'm really nice
But give it a minute and I'll show you
 my torture device
I can make you twist and turn
 with nothing but my words
But I don't wanna have to scream to say
 your shit is for the birds

If you're gonna act like you don't need me
 but say you want me to stay
Don't complain when I decide to leave
 it's my right to walk away
Your choices are yours
 and yours alone
Either make up my mind for me
 or I'm going home.

You tell me that you want to change
 for better, not for worse
I just didn't know you'd had
 so much time to rehearse
Those lines you read for me
 were nothing short of magnificent
I saw right through them just as soon
 as they left your lips

How can you say what you don't want
 when you don't know what really is
Don't you understand that today
 might be your last chance?

If you're going to act like you don't need me
 but say you want me to stay
Don't complain when I decide to leave
 it's my right to walk away
Your choices are yours
 and yours alone
I've already made up my mind
 and I'm going home

Thanks for blowing my mind
 I'm going home


john said...

Well I cant picture that be a top country dance song, more like a teardrop on my yukilaylee.
I thought it expressed great emotion tho.
Sorry about the vanishing text. I use to happen alot with me so b4 I would hit hit send or post, Id highlight n copy it all. Then if something fkt up I could just clik paste, and dont cha know it stopped happening. Unotl just the other day, so I know just how pist ya get :)
good luck

Jenno said...

@John -- That's because I don't do country. Actually, I can't stand most country music. She's cheatin' him, he's drinkin' and fightin' and the kids are all wild... yeah, I don't do that stuff. Not even close. It's a more hip-hoppy kind of thing for me. That's where my 'tude grooves. :)

Thanks for commenting, glad you enjoyed it. Here's to keeping the rage at bay and just getting it the eff out before it consumes us both. Cheers!

Charlene said...

I totally got the hip-hop vibe. (Then again I really hate most country music.) Hang in there...

Jenno said...

@Charlene -- Don't worry, it's all good. I think the funk is finally lifted... and I am on my way. You dig? :)

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

I'm pretty sure Lorenzo was over in the corner there groovin to your tune. It will make a great song.

Jenno said...

@Mike -- He might've been, but who knows what he's really thinking when he always looks so shifty? Well, then again, Roy's a little more... shifty. You gotta watch that one. He stole all the links on his page when I put him up at first!

On a more serious note, glad you like the song... I'll be sure to post it here if I do ever get around to composing some groove to jive with it. :)

Fibro Viv said...

Oh Jenno,

You sound disenchanted however, I believe in releasing emotions in some form or another.

Thanks for the tip on google adsense!



JW said...

Me likes. I hope you put music to it, I would love to hear the arrangement. I am imagining my own music for it already.

Jenno said...

@Viv -- Amen to that. Sometimes, I just got to write. re: adsense - you're very welcome :)

@JW -- Glad you like it... do you know something about composition, too? I wouldn't mind hearing your version of the music if you see fit to make some.

Fibro Viv said...

Hi Jenno,

Sorry for the late response. I have been busy taking my hubby to appointments.

I think I would like a hip hop version for this song. Yes, I am older, but I like all types of music.

I might even try it under another type of music. Kind of modern folk. Check out my nephews wife to be song, The Gypsy's Co. It might fit under her music composition.

Thinking of you.

Jenno said...

@Viv -- if I can find it, I surely will. Do you have a link to it any where? That'd help immensely! :)

Fibro Viv said...

Oh Jenno!

Can you tell how out of it I am! Fibro Fog at its best.

Here is the link:

Jenno said...

@Viv -- It happens, especially to me. My memory is awful!

Grace has got a very beautiful and talented voice! A little more country than is my style currently, although that's exactly what I was aiming for with some of my past songs, "Angel of Love" and "Dreams." I'm currently trying to find my recordings from when I was 17 (although both of those were written when I was about 15) to post here. Thanks for sharing the link!

Fibro Viv said...

Hi Jenno,

You should pull out all the recordings, how cool!

Thinking of you.

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