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Things to do whilst I'm away

So today's kind of an "off day" for me here -- still ended up getting a "fare" this morning -- my other friend Lori needed a ride today, so I was happy to oblige, as was my gas tank.

Just a short post of fun links to visit when you run out of other things to do.

Gamesville by Lycos -- free to play, free to win. Addicting as all get out. Many a post have been delayed because of Three-Eyed Bingo.

X17 Online -- I won tickets for a Pink concert in Alexandria, VA from this site (although I'm obviously not going to be able to make it, it was a possibility for a fleeting moment) -- all the raunchiest, dirtiest, nastiest rumors on TinselTown and "the biz." One of my guilty pleasures.

Something Awful -- I recommend Photoshop Phriday. I don't dig too deep on that site though -- there's a lot of gross stuff there that can't just be magically unseen.

Engrish -- Say what you want, sometimes abuse of the English language on foreign packaging and products is just plain hilarious. This site explores the best of the worst from Asia, shared by its users.

Motifake -- Some of the funniest and stupidest and nastiest things I've seen, in the form of Motivational posters. Awesomeness.


Chester said...

Liking the, hhow funny!!

Doesyourcateatjello? said... is the best website ever. i've been laughing at it for like 3 years.

Jenno said...

@Chester & JelloKitteh -- It's so funny it hardly feels wrong to laugh, right?!

Doesyourcateatjello? said...

I don't ever feel bad. It's way to funny

Jenno said...

@JelloKitteh -- hahaha, guess I just have a guilty conscience. :)

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