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Taking a day or two off

My anxiety is at a peak, as is my depression and negative outlook. I need some time to clear my head and try to calm myself down for a day or two. Between the various aches of the last week or so and the incessant noise from the neighbors together with the ever-present stress of being unemployable, I can feel that something is about to go horribly wrong in my head to throw me under my own train again... and I must do whatever I can to stop this. It is a very unfortunate and trying complication with my Borderline Personality Disorder.

This is actually a fairly regular occurrence for me, unfortunately. I will explain more about it sometime in the next week, likely in my next posting. Until then, just know that I will get through this, and yes, I will be back. Everything will eventually be okay again.

I will be back to blogging with continued daily updates beginning again on Saturday or Sunday.


JW said...

You will be missed.

Jenno said...

I'll be lurking, don't worry. I'm still only an email away anyways. :) Just need to clear my head a little before I go spewing more negativity into an already hate-filled world.

But still... thank you. *hug*

Jm Diaz said...

I say spew away... better to write it than greedily hold on to it. Hope you feel better, as I, in my own selfish reasons, look forward to your entertaining posts.

Kate said...

Hope you feel better soon

Kate x

Charlene said...

Take care of yourself... and it sounds like you know what you need. Peace. Quiet. Meditation. We'll be sending you many positive vibes from here. *~*~*~*~:-)

Jenno said...

@Jm, Kate, & Charlene --

Thanks, guys. I appreciate the warm fuzzies y'all give me. :D

plainolebob said...

i need help clearin some brush, jk,
werks for me tho.

Jenno said...

I would totally come help you if I could, Bob! Anything for a break in the monotony! HUGS

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