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Well, my computer is kind of on the lam at the moment; it fell off the table one night at about two in the morning (it scared the bejeezus out of Marco) while I was commenting over at Charlene's blog -- The Balance Beam (please forgive me if the tag isn't quite right - on Marco's computer and don't have it in front of me) and hasn't been quite right ever since. The second master drive is said to have imminent fail written all over it. It's not too bad though as that particular drive is just a filler drive that I was using for memory. Now it's just a simple matter of reallocating the memory to the main hard drive again, transferring the files from the failing volume over to my primary drive, and setting the secondary slave back up as the primary's slave again. Thank god it was normal to tinker with crap in my house growing up, that's all I've got to say.

So anyways, for today I thought perhaps I would present to you all a list of why I decided having kids was not for me. It should be both entertaining and revealing.

I always joke that I have 500 (quite arbitrary number, mind you) reasons for not wanting mini-Jennos-and-Marcos running around.... It's not that we don't like kids, they're just totally not for us. I guess it's as good a time as any to put a more accurate number on it.

  1. No more walking around naked, unless we want the offspring to be nudists... which we don't.
  2. No more staying up as late as we please.
  3. No more going out whenever.
  4. Think we have a hard time keeping the house clean now?? HA!
  5. I don't do doody diapers.
  6. Or vomit.
  7. Or spit up.
  8. Just giving up smoking for 9 whole months? Ludicrous!
  9. The last thing I want to hear every night is "I'm bored"
  10. I've already joked about changing my name a million times, I don't need another reason to want to change it even more.
  11. Nevermind the identity crisis I obviously still face. Like that would fix it.
  12. There's a good chance any children with either mine or Marco's genes would be psychologically unsound, even before we got in their head.
  13. Kids generally don't like me. They never have. I'm okay with this.
  14. I don't generally like them either. Half the kids I've met could've used a good whooping.
  15. On that note, the attitude, fights, and little insignificant things made into a big deal? Yeah... no. I do that enough on my own.
  16. No more "getting it on" whenever.
  17. No more violent video games.
  18. No more having as much of my food to myself as I really want.
  19. Alone time is hard enough to come by sometimes....
  20. I fear that I would seriously screw a child up. Sometimes all it takes is one wrong move, and I know I make plenty.
  21. There's enough kids in the world that don't have loving homes that I would feel guilty every time I looked at my kid.
  22. We're still kind of kids ourselves -- still trying to find our place in the world and settle into a more comfortable life. IF we ever changed our mind (and there's a lot of ifs in this sentence), it wouldn't be until all the issues were resolved or dissolved. I was fortunate to have a comfortable upbringing; that's another thing too many kids go through is a lack of such.

I can't think of much more than that right now. It's a little early for my thinker to be tickled too rough anyway. If I come up with more, I'll add 'em as another post with a linkback.


plainolebob said...

Looks like you covered quite a few bases here. Smart thinking if you aren't ready for kids and don't have the time to properly care for them, then it is best to wait. You are a smart one.

justme said...

Your list is a complete and reasonable.

Jenno said...

@Bob -- someone's got to be with all the chaos there is amidst the breeders!

@justme -- I still get the feeling I left a couple points off of it.

glitterfaith said...

Will you have the same list in 5 years time?

ladytruth said...

I'm also not big on having kids anytime soon; raising two dogs and myself is a job in itself, thank you very much! I am, however, the proud godmother of two lovely girls whom I adore to death, but that's about it.

Jenno said...

@glitterfaith -- I don't see it changing then or ever, honestly. I know my selfishness and know that my personality is rather incompatible with the idea of having kids.

@ladytruth -- yeah, I have a godchild (or two, I don't remember if my sister's second is "mine" too) and I wouldn't trade him in for anything BUT I'm glad I don't have to keep him, cute and awesome as he is. I'm still working up to getting my own dog myself. LOL

Emma Grace* said...

you're list sounds pretty reasonable - at least for the time being. you never know if you'll change your mind later but sounds like you have a definitely plan for now and good reasons to back it up.

Jenno said...

@Emma Grace -- No, those plans are definitely for good! I mean, if it still happens anyways, so be it, but we're hoping that it doesn't... and we're super-careful to make sure that it doesn't!

Sess said...

The loss of sleep doesn't sound fun either. Also, I know for a fact this town would destroy any hope of future success.

Our public schools are atrocious and full of extremely bad influences. The private one is extremely expensive and sees "Mass" as a mandatory class. I guess it's just the curse of living in a city where 70% or more live at 150% poverty level or lower. (Not even exaggerating there.)

JW said...

Having children is definitely not for everyone. Smart move to realize that you aren't ready. The thing is, nobody is ever really ready for kids. They just kinda happen.


Jenno said...

@Marco -- True, I didn't even think of that. More good reasons to not have 'em! Yay!

@JW -- I think it's just funny how many dirty looks I tend to draw when I say I don't want kids. Personally, I wish more people thought about it before they got into it. I mean, yeah, sometimes they just "happen" like you said, but there's more than enough times that they're total "oopsies" (and are cared for as such, too often) that could have been prevented.

Megan said...

Well, since it's not a K-12 school, they don't legally have to let me stay. As of the moment I'm on an "involentary administrative medical leave." There's too much liability, yadda, yadda, yadda... basically BS about not being able to stay. I really hate it.

I do appreciate your concern!

Jenno said...

@Megan -- That is just chock full of suck! I hope they figure out a solution that will work for everyone... if not, there's plenty of other schools out there; maybe they weren't destined to be the best fit for you after all anyway. :)

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Jenno, go to my blog Life....
click on the Gallery link at the top and open the post Ellen & Sex Ed, you'll find another reason, the wisdom of an eight year old.


Jenno said...

@AV -- LOL, thanks for dusting that one off for me, friend... too funny. :)

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Jenno, my pleasure. I love that kid she kept me young.

Other pearls of her wisdom will be forthcoming.


Helen said...

Hey Jenno - thanks for popping by. Loved your list! Think I may have even snorthed my tea at one stage!!I have two children - I homeschool them both - and I could certainly give you a lot more reasons to add to your list. But I won't. I love my children and there is nothing in this entire world that i would rather do than be their mother - except maybe lie on the beach drinking exotic cocktails and watching the sunset!

Jenno said...

@AV -- Youth, as is beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Cheers to extending it for all its worth!

@Helen -- Glad you enjoyed it :) I'm sure that if I had kids I would feel the same way about them -- yet another thing that puts me off the idea. Just remember, you might need a nanny, but you don't need permission to go have a little fun. :)

Kate said...

Impressive list of reasons! Cool blog by the way

Kate x

Jenno said...

@Kate -- Glad you like it, on both counts! Hope to see more of you here! :)

justme said...

don't give up on the bad drive. try formatting it.If the heads shifted slightly from impact, it just may start working.

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