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I Hate My 'Hood.

Feeling like crap still, but I am going up the walls with all the neighborhood noise.

On one side, I have screaming, pounding, people always going in and out yelling at one another or just sitting out there talking (and the "lady" of the house recently told her son not to help Stephanie move unless I wasn't there -- over what I don't know)....

On the other side, I have a loud stereo and TV, two extra cars parked outside (I'm fairly sure they're not on the lease), and daily fights and more pounding of things....

I've done my best to be a considerate and non-intrusive neighbor. I don't go asking the neighbors for anything ever. The ones with the frequent yelling outside have come over on numerous occasions to ask for things... like milk, eggs, sugar, butter... I even let them have the tomato parts of spaghetti sauce to make it one time, along with my food processor to cut the stewed tomatoes. The general traffic from over there has stopped for some reason I've long since forgotten (in other words, it wasn't much of a reason), although I know I "did" something to piss her off. Honestly, I didn't do anything except be friendly when I saw them, keep out of their business, and ask her kids to quiet down when they were out in the backyard being extremely noisy while I was trying to sleep. It was the "lady" who volunteered the information that she had a boyfriend back in her home state, has been on Springer (I wish I could find the clip!), and that she came to listen one night when her daughter said she heard... well... me and Marco, if you know what I mean.

Nevermind the time that I gave her a ride 45 minutes away to go get her husband from his job one evening. I never did thank her for making my car smell like wet dog (they have four or five, if I remember right). Maybe that is why she doesn't like me anymore?

Even after I finally refused to open the door for her son (who has said he's going to shoot or stab people, and then talks about it in moderate detail, and thinks it's funny, even after I said it's totally not cool to talk like that around me, period), he still came over asking for all manner of things. I finally got fed up with it and put up a sign.

That stuff in red was added when someone just couldn't take the hint. Amazingly, even the addition of that line did not hinder their efforts any! WTF?!

Today, just like any other day, I'm realizing all over again that I just do not belong here, in this particular trailer park. I am not trailer trash on the level that my neighbors are. They make it look like it's a sport.

Say whatever nasty, mean things you like about me... the bottom line is this: I don't do that whole "what's mine is yours" thing with neighbors. We struggle enough as it is without giving all our things away to charity. Even while I was working, it was still a struggle, albeit less of one. I'm generous and giving -- just ask any of my friends. If I have it to give, I will give it. It's when someone is here every day asking for something that I start to get miffed.

Add to this the regular presence of noise -- loud music, yelling (which has always stressed me out majorly), late-night outside "parties".... It's not only trashy behavior, it's just plain rude and inconsiderate to those that live near you.


Argentum Vulgaris said...

He still comes over even if the BB gun hinders the way he walks? Or didn't you?


Jenno said...

Nope, I sure didn't. I'd rather try diplomacy than go to jail for assault on a minor. :P

JW said...

Don't ya just love neighbors? Of course, no apartment is complete without "Opera Chick." I've had 2 of those in different places. Perhaps I will post some great stories at some point. Maybe I'll start another blog with funny stories.

plainolebob said...

man your neiberhood makes mine look like Mr.Rogers.
Oh we have the drunk butcher across the street.
The old wider lady in the back,
but nothing like whut you got.
We also have at lest an cre or two between us though, guess thet heps.

Jenno said...

@JW -- I'm usually the opera chick... hahahaha! No, seriously! I sing opera rather often, actually. LOL Too funny.

@Bob -- Exactly - I wish there was a coupla acres of spacer between us and them. Then I wouldn't feel like I live in between a coupla bars!

JW said...

Ooooh! You're the one! I knew I liked you.

Jenno said...

@JW -- Haha, too bad I've not lived in any of the places you have, then you might actually be right! LOL :P

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