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Just Fight Me

Here's a song/poem I wrote when in a particularly deep funk. I won't do double posting days very often but when I do, the second will likely be something similar to this -- artistic, whether visual, written, or in some other way in nature.

Just Fight Me

Go on and tell me
I'm gonna be okay
Go on and tell me
I'm not a worthless waste
It's just too bad the words spoken before yours
For years took precedence

I tried to be nice
I tried to stay calm
But that's just not me
I didn't want to fight with you
So instead I'll just fight myself

Go on and tell me
I've screwed up royally
Go on and say it,
I should've just jumped
It's just too bad that's all I heard for years
Now is my last chance

I can't say I'm sorry for something I never did
All I wanted was to be your friend
It hurts now knowing I've made my own end
How did I manage to believe...?

The lies, the hate
Not me
The hurt, the pain
Not me

Go on and tell me
I've screwed up royally
Go on and say it
You never knew me
You too lost your last chance


JW said...

Interesting. Good. Sad. I don't want to fight, too much of that in my life. Depression does seem to inspire some of the greatest pieces of art.

Please be happy. It's more fun.


La Jenno said...

@JW -- I try my bestest to be happy(or at least happier), hence writing about it. It helps me to get over it quicker. :)

glitterfaith said...

I am the same, when I am upset it is best for me to write about it.

La Jenno said...

@glitterfaith -- It's always best to get it outta your system, innit? :)

Armando said...

Interesting song poem I do thing you have some good here do you have music for it, it probably need some arrangements but is good don't stop feeling, what comes from your heart and soul.
And please forgive my pour construction of the English :)

La Jenno said...

@Armando -- Thanks! I have a tune that I sing it to in a bluesy, jazz style, but nothing more than that.

As far as your English goes, don't worry about it; I can understand the difficulties of learning a second language. Just don't make fun of my horrible Spanish ("hablo un poqueno"?) when I try to use it! :)

Jm Diaz said...

Very nice.. well, not "nice", but you know what I mean, and better yet, I know what you mean... know what I mean?

I do understand the emotion behind the poem, and I found myself remembering those days... however I was the one being asked to fight.

Thanks for sharing...

oh! and thanks for stopping by my page. :)

Jenno said...

@JM -- er... word? Haha, 10-4, thanks. :D

Likewise; thanks for stopping by :)

ladytruth said...

Yes, sometimes you just need to get it all out on paper. Hope you're feeling better, I find that listening to Adam Sandler's "Somebody kill me please" kinda helps :)

Jenno said...

@ladytruth -- hahaha, Adam Sandler is a comic genius. I <3 him. :)

I have a little song that I sing when I'm really ticked off in a little sing-song voice about shooting myself in the head. It's more morbid humor than serious, obviously, otherwise I would've skipped the song and just done it.

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