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Art Pictorial

Today seems like as good a day as any to share some of my digital art. A couple years ago I bought a digital pen tablet from Ebay after many years of fighting with my mouse for control. At the time, I was in a guild on the Shards of Dalaya EverQuest free server. For those who don't know, EverQuest is an insanely popular Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game, and a guild is like an in-game family of sorts. Anyway, my guild leader and her husband are both insanely talented digital artists. As far as I know, they both use their talents commercially. My guild leader helped me learn some basics of PhotoShop and Flash drawing and illustrating and was always very supportive in helping me improve. She was the one who told me about pen tablets -- if I hadn't met her, I'd likely still be wondering how some people can draw so darn well with just a mouse!

So a little less than a story today, but rather a pictorial of some of my adventures in visual art after the jump. Hope you enjoy it.

This is the first piece I ever finished in Flash.
My nephew, Taylor, is much cuter in photos than as line-art, though.
All I did to make this was trace over a photo of him, block in some color behind the lines, and add a background. It was fairly easy; the most difficult part of this one was getting the layers organized.

My first "finished" project in PhotoShop. It's supposed to be my Gnome Warrior from EverQuest.

This is an unnamed collaboration between my sister and myself.
She began painting and drawing on her bedroom walls around
the same time that I officially became the band geek. This was
(and still is) my favorite out of the many illustrations she put
up on her walls.

"Kosteafai" -- another of my EverQuest characters.

A colorful, fun self-portrait from my Denny's days,
aptly titled "Diner Chic."

Another trace-n-paint over jobbie. Untitled.

My personal favorite, "The Squid Lady."
She's actually a siren, or so I'm told.
I think she's just squiddy.


A Dreams-Teller said...

I love the squid lady. Very unique! Great work. Wish I could do that kinda stuff.

Fibro Viv said...

Great job, enjoyed the art. This is probably very relaxing for you. I tried using my son's Wacom tablet but had no patience for it. The Squid Lady looks intense.

Later, my new friend.

La Jenno said...

@ADT -- Thanks! A great way to get "in gear" for drawing is to draw the general shape of the subject and fill in the details after. Putting too much detail in from the get-go almost always slows me down.

@Viv -- It's almost as natural as using a real pencil but at the same time it's weird. It took me quite a while before I could do much of anything "cool" with it. :) And yes, she's very intense. She's screaming about something in that picture. :)

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Wow, all of them are so cool. Now I want one!


La Jenno said...

@AV -- They're wicked fun... and fairly affordable, should you use it enough. See for yourself: (Ebay search made into little link) Glad you enjoyed my artwork. :D

The Social Drunk said...

I have to say, I thought I was a smart guy. But I wondered how people draw so well with only a mouse. Crap.

plainolebob said...

man that is cool, all i could ever do was stick my butt on that damn, copier, still came out fuzzy.

La Jenno said...

@Drunky -- now I don't feel so bad. <3

@Bob -- Shaving it first helps. Heheh :D

plainolebob said...

lmao, kid you is sumthin else, i need you to design my Mr.Bob award, up to it?

La Jenno said...

@Bob -- I can at least try! What's it gonna be an award for?

Sarah said...


very nice drawings!! now i want a pen tablet.

La Jenno said...

@Sarah -- left a link to the Ebay auctions for 'em up above :) Thanks for commenting the compliment :D

JW said...

Impressive stuff. I've attempted pen tablet use. Easier but still takes some getting used to. Much easier if you actually have artistic talent.

La Jenno said...

@JW -- Yeah, it took me a good month after getting it before I actually *made* anything. :) Thanks for the comment and welcome to JennoLand!

Kim Ayres said...

Looks like much better results than using a mouse :) I've been toying with the idea of getting a tablet for a while

La Jenno said...

@Kim -- If you've got 30 or 40 bucks to spare, they're great fun. I bought mine just to toy with and you see what happened there! :)

glitterfaith said...

Thank you for sharing your art. It maybe something I could get for either myself or my son for christmas.

La Jenno said...

@glitterfaith -- Glad you enjoyed it! I'm sure everyone could share one and enjoy each others' art! Sounds like a great family activity brewing to me :)

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