Marco (aka "Sess") blogs too: Random Thoughts and Musings.

If you're enjoying the blog, how about a shout-out? :)


I found out about a really cool evil game yesterday browsing around on It Made My Day -- in this game, you are supposed to create, evolve, and mutate a nasty bug and infect the world with it. Haha. Pandemic II can be found and played here. Just make sure that you have any Ad Blockers you may have on your computer turned off on that page to access it otherwise it won't play. After a short ad, the game will load.

I also wanted to mention that, no, I am not ignoring comments, I just don't feel that I really absolutely must reply to every one of them if I don't really feel up to it. You wonderful folks have done a great job making sure that I feel
very loved, appreciated, and most of all accepted just for being me... and I honestly and sincerely treasure every last comment left here for me. I just haven't had the emotional energy to blog much as of late, much less comment, even on my own blogs. Occasionally, when I feel I might have something to add to the topic, I've been commenting, otherwise I just tend to keep my trap shut.

So anyways, hope all of you lovely folks are doing well -- things are chugging along as normal here. Nothing new going on, but I will of course update you if something does happen. :)

Oh... my folks are possibly coming for Thanksgiving! Yay!! I have missed them SO much since Marco and I last saw them in December during our visit to Michigan, so it'd be awesome if my mom can actually get the time off from work. I'm not too excited about them probably having to stay HERE in the trailer when they come, but I know they won't complain, which is awesome. I just hate that we don't have a bigger and/or better place to share with them, that's all. All we've got to offer is some space on the floor in the living room to put the air mattress on. But... like I said... I know they won't complain, so I guess it's all good.

If they do come, I'm also looking forward to a turkey roll, broccoli casserole, cheesecake, and stuffing. Mmm. :)


Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

ok, I spent 10 years in a small, 1 bedroom mobile home and trust me when I say this, DON'T EAT THE BROCCOLI CASSEROLE! LOL

You post and comment when ever you feel like it, we'll be here waiting. ;)

Jenno said...

And why the hell not, Mike?! That's some good stuff! I'm not talking about the variety growing around the tub and on the bottoms of the walls, either!

C'mon, you know me by now... you think I'm gonna pass up a superior-fart-producing food?! I think not!

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

LOL yeah, me neither. :)

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