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I finally broke down and bought ear plugs (or rather mom and dad did via that invaluable thing called an ATM - thanks yous guys!). I got the silicone ones that you have to shape and mold to your ear. I'm a little worried about using them too much though -- in the past, I would get outer ear infections regularly simply from sleeping on one side too many nights in a row! I'm concerned that if I wear them nightly it might be the same thing and not having insurance or even a primary care doctor... that's the last thing I need. I'm a big cry baby with ear infections - there's few things more painful to me.

At least it will be somewhat worth it as I'll finally be able to sleep peacefully without getting plowed first. I got totally polluted last night and crashed out on the couch with Marc laying on me while we were watching Final Destination 2 (good movie!). Apparently, he couldn't wake me up so he just covered me up and straightened me out a little bit instead (I was resting my head on his shoulder, which, had I stayed like that, would've crippled me by the time I woke up!). He even made sure to take off my glasses. Aww. <3 At some point, however, I must've staggered to bed because that's where I woke up... with the brown bottle flu. Today was hangover from hell day. I don't usually even get hangovers -- the trick is to stay up until you are no longer drunk, at least it is for me. It seems that if I do that, I do not get sick, period. No drag-ass, no pukies, although I still can't escape the liquor sh*ts. Ha.

OMG, I just realized that I totally neglected WTF Friday. Eek! I'll get on researching to do it next Friday instead. Sorry guys! I know a couple folks were actually looking forward to it, including myself!


Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

I'm just gonna go with you couldn't escape the liquor shOts. LOL

Jenno said...

@Mike -- I know, TMI otherwise! LOL

Armando said...

You probably did not notice my absence on the blogs and the fact you are following my blog but I was on the hospital taking care of my wife but I will appreciated if you stop by and read my lattes postings which I hope you will find interesting.

Sincerely yours:

P.S: I also been enjoying a lot your blogs and your post that make my spirit rise up and have hope and good humor.

plainolebob said...

Jenno,I forgot to comment on the music from your last post, found a channel and got lost, so thanks.
I hope you don't mind the way I have you linked up with the hot dawg award, but you designed it , so, I will leave it that way unless you object,

Tgoette said...

Hey Jenno I did the earplug thingy (wifey snores sometimes) and it is so worth it to get a good night's rest! Good luck with it and save the shots for later!

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