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Drunky II

Well, as I just commented on Argentum Vulgaris's blog over @ Life is Just like That..., I've been partaking in the alcohol yet again tonight. I had some interesting word verifications there: first one was "dionregix" and the second was "impsy;" had I posted a third comment, I would've needed to verify my comment with "jewbonic." Hahaha... has anyone else ever noticed some funny little word creations coming up in the verification process? I've had some rather hilarious ones at times as well as some actually related to the subject matter of the blog I was commenting on... coincidental, I'm sure. :)

What have some of your funny little word verifications been?

Today was a day full of win:
Marco changed out the spark plugs, fuel filter and hose to said filter today and now the car is running much smoother. I probably failed to mention this, but we just got the car we have about two months or so ago. It's a maroon colored '96 Nissan Altima. Our old car, a red '97 Ford Taurus, had a reoccurring leak in the gas tank, originally caused by a mishap with a parking block. At times, I do miss the "original" Betsy Red (I erroneously -- on another drunk, mind you -- told Bess of Ole' Bob n' Bess @ Plain Ole' Bob Answers that is was "Bessy" -- my bad memory!) although the Nissan is actually rather nice. She came fully equipped with a sun roof, CD/tapedeck/radio, power windows, tilt, power locks, cruise control, and kickin' mule engine -- my favorite feature is split between the sun roof and the CD player, but the fact that it doesn't leak gas is definitely awesome, too. She also came with two broken CV axles, a small hole in the transmission drip pan, and a super-leaky valve cover (the part the covers the engine and has the spark plugs atop it). Unbeknownst to us, maintenance on this car was likely spotty; the spark plugs were nearly rusted on and the fuel filter had all sorts of nasty gunk in it. Besides that, just two days after we got the car, we had to replace the driver's side turn signal because the socket was completely rusted -- it was so bad that we couldn't even remove the busted bulb from it!

So today I would like to take this opportunity to remind all my lovely readers and followers that maintenance on your car, if you expect it to get you anywhere safely and reliably, is an absolute must to keep up on. You never know when the inattention to change you spark plugs or filters will leave you with a rough idle that suddenly turns into a stall-out situation!

One small side note: I just wanted to let you all know about an awesome enrichment/contest experience to be found on  The World Atlas -- They have a weekly contest for $500 and a daily contest for $100 -- just for answering trivia! Don't be too excited, however: you will really have to earn the prize by searching diligently for the correct answer, as well as quickly. Only the first correct answer will win, although they do occasionally give out consolation prizes to the best (and quickest) efforts. Marco and I have yet to win one, although I'm sure we will someday! Best of luck to all of you!

Hope all are doing well, and I'll see you again soon! <3


MsBurb said...

My all-time fovourite...


Ha!!! I Laughed, and laughed and laughed!!!

That's a truism if there ever was one!!!

(for THIS comment, the word was "rhora" that like Rhoda on Mary Tyler Moore really being a whore for a living?)

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