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Little Epiphanies

Every now and then I happen to acquire little thoughts that come with better self-centering and balancing. Today, I had the opportunity to grow a little. It made me a little more peaceful, I guess. This morning while we were on our way to Denny's, Stephanie and I got some soda right before she had to be there to work. When I came home, I drank about half of it before going back to bed to sleep a little more. I never can seem to sleep eight hours in one chunk; the occasion on which I do is a rather rare occurrence. Don't get me wrong either - I can sleep like nobody's business anyway, just not all at once like that. I've always been a bit of an insomniac like that.

Anyhow, I digress.

I tucked the bottle of soda into the fridge so it'd still be cold when I got up. I'm ashamed to admit I even hid it a little so that Marc wouldn't find it and drink it.

That's exactly what happened anyways.

Oh, I was mad for a little while before I thought about it. He wouldn't have been mad at me for drinking the other half of his had he left it in the fridge. Hell, he might have even saved it for me. He's sweet like that sometimes.

I was pretty thoughtless and selfish about it this afternoon when I woke up practically drooling in anticipation of my next fizzy drink only to find that Marc drank it. Getting upset about him drinking it was petty and immature, too. Immediately, I scolded and forgave myself in one breath for having made the transgression, if even only to myself as Marc was at work and I didn't actually call him at work to bite his head off over the consumed soda, although I did think about it. Instead, after I made amends with myself, I forgot about it and eventually called to tell him we're going to be "recycling" our cans from here on out. There's a $.35/1 lb. rate on returns over 100 lbs. Not too shabby. When penny pinching and drinking as much soda as we do, it's not too much to rinse the cans out, smash 'em, and bag 'em in a bin. Why not? It won't cost us a penny to do so and we're actually getting more bang for our buck when we drink items in cans.

If only I could return glass for money around here. As much beer as I've drank in the last month, I might actually have something there worth saving up for, if you average it out over the coming months. It'd be a good idea to rinse those, too.

Bottles wouldn't be worth it even if they paid per pound. I really miss the return rate on them -- Michigan's is a cool 10¢ per bottle or can returned, regardless of weight. (Side not: irregardless is not a word. Look it up!)  There wouldn't be as many cans and bottles just rotting away on the side of the road before someone will actually pick the bloody thing up.

Never mind that if we had that rate here, I really won't need to be upset anymore when Marc drinks the rest of mine if we had the same rate here. At least I'd be getting some kind of benefit from him drinking it.

Oh well... I genuinely hope he enjoyed it. I know he would've hoped the same for me, even if he was irked for a minute over it.

And that's an awesome thing.


Charlene said...

Thanks for the side note about "irregardless" - you're right! Empathetic is another one of those words people use which isn't a word. The problem is people use these "not really words" so often that eventually they become "okay." (I'll get off the soapbox now.)

Sounds like you're finding some balance -- nice!

plainolebob said...

Jenno, I have always loved how people use that word and really think it is real. There should be a bounty on those cans and bottles.
Jen, I need your help, I know you are busy, but would you do me this small favor? Bob wants me to pick this weeks award winner, and I thought I would let past winners select their favorite blogger. If you would like to I would be at your command,lol, thank you.

Jenno said...

@Charlene - Always being one to try and buck the trends, I call people out on their use of common non-words. It just irks me to no end when they're used! It's well past time for "irregardless" to die!

@Bess - My favorite blog would look be a great asset to the Hot Dawg family. I nominate by JW for the award!

Tgoette said...

Ahh, the "Irregardless" sends a shiver down my spine like fingernails on a chalkboard! Perpetrators of this offense need to be taken out and maimed. It's the only way! And you know what? I won't be "empathetic" for those affected, so there! LOL!

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