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Gobble Gobble Gobble!

If I had to pick my favorite holiday, it's Thanksgiving. It's all about getting together with your favorite people, usually family, and chowing down on some bomb-diggity food. For our Thanksgiving we had salads to start then turkey loaf with gravy (the kind you get in the frozen food aisle in the little roasting pan and a cardboard lid), mashed potatoes, stuffing, broccoli casserole and Sweet Hawaiian rolls followed by pumpkin pie. It was nothing short of delicious. Marco cleaned off two plates! I barely finished mine. I was so full from my full plate. All my food was mounded and touching each other on a large dinner plate, if that tells you anything! Ha!

SO here's some photos
from our T-day. Hope y'all had a good one too!

Here's me with Marc, his sister, and his mom and dad. I'm so happy and blessed to have such an awesome set of in-laws! I wish everyone could be so lucky.
Wait? I thought I was in that photo too?!

Just kidding... the first one was taken right after the second, actually. It's just hilarious. I created a time rift. There's only tiny differences between the two photos. I spotted only THREE big changes and one small one. And yes, the big ones are fairly obvious; they're not copied photos, mind you.

And finally here's me and Marc with my folks. Yep, this is out of order too. it was taken before two of the others but not another. Side-game: in what order were they taken?
And yeah, Marco's blinkin. The first flash hits, the eyes close. Reflexes are a bitch, eh?

What were y'all thankful for this year? I counted my combined family, having a home to live in and enough support to keep chugging along, but mostly just that nothing's ever gone too crazy that it couldn't be fixed. That in and of itself is a huge blessing that a lot of other people miss out on, perhaps a little moreso in this area than others. You see it every day here; I hope that my readers are blessed to have not experienced such traumatic and heart-wrenching events.

And I hope y'all had a great T-day too.


plainolebob said...

sorry about not stopping by in a while, no excuses, I went back and read some posts to get me up to speed.
I miss home and family this time of year too. the kids are grown and gone.
Just me now and some times I just sit and remember the little kid days.

Charlene said...

Gratitude has such great healing properties, doesn't it?


Sarah said...

looks like your thanksgiving is happy with your family and all. that's great! so now it's time to think about christmas, and what's for dinner. grrrr....

Jenno said...

@Bob - no worries, you know you're welcome to come and go as you please, right? Besides, Bess has your leash! Hahaha! :)

@Charlene - it is incredible, although I do wonder how long it will last. I think just owning up to being my mom's mini-me-of-sorts helps. LOL

@Sarah - Luckily (or sadly, or happily, whichever works I guess), my folks won't be making the 14 hour drive for Christmas, but Marco and I are little heathen atheists anyways. We do presents and stuff and see it as the time of year to reflect and whatnot but it's purely convenience that we do it around Christmastime. The end of the year is good for reflection and Christmas allows us to tap into sales! Heh.

But we don't even bother with anything special for dinner. It's just another night to us.

Bren said...

Glad you had a Great Thanksgiving! You look so happy :)

MsBurb said...

Mouth watering...

Ever consider inviting outsiders??? (tee hee)


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