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F-bombs beyond the jump

Okay, so I finally went to the dentist yesterday - I haven't been in about a year - and got to have my teeth examined and "appraised." The damage this time totals $2,058.

What the fuck?!

Seriously? You know, I would ask why my teeth are rotting away, but I already know why. Pair bad genes with a ferocious soda habit and you get rotten teeth. I've got that. Never mind...

I have got to go brush my damn teeth. And keep doing it twice or thrice a day. For at least 30 days straight. Wish me luck. New good habit incoming.


Charlene said...

One of my favorite lines from a movie is in Peggy Sue Got Married when Peggy (Kathleen Turner) asks her Grandpa how he would have lived his life differently if he had it to do all over again and he says, "I would have taken better care of my teeth!"

Good luck!

Armando said...

Sorry I miss some of you post but I did have some issues but I do like the most recent ones. I know the felling of need to go to a dentist too but is too much and I preferred to paid other things keep the good work
Also, hope you like my last posting as well I was absent for a while do to some problems I still have financially and health wise hope you are in good health
greetings Armando

MsBurb said...

Geez Jenno, don't sprain something in your attempt at perfection, Man!

Something in ALL of us is roting away, and many of our diseases a toothbrush could NEVER fix!
(tee hee)

Best of luck on that oral hygiene kick...and on the first born child you plan to offer up as payment for that monstrous bill!!!

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